Even after all these years, WordPress just pisses me off. I used it because it seemed the easiest solution. It’s not. It’s chapter layouts are horribly bugged, meaning it was difficult for readers to look at previous pages because it would skip over several updates. I’ve never found a solution and I’m sick and tired of Comic Press eating so much of my website space. As such, there will eventually be a major overhaul of this site. I will most likely go back to simply hard-coding the entire site by hand myself. In the event the site goes down for an extended period of time (though I doubt it’ll be as bad as my two-year hiatus), simply head over to my DevArt 041 Group. I’m still uploading Chapter 19 there, but hopefully I’ll get that all uploaded in the next few days.

In the mean time, revel in the fact that 041 is tentatively back, and there are plans for the future!