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Author-related Links:

MHHO: Maqqy’s homepage that’s been around for over 10 years. You’ll find all sorts of various stuff there, including almost all of her artwork.

Gyrick’s Deviantart: Where editor/co-writer Gyrick keeps all his artwork, including his old comic “Nerd Club”.

Maqqy’s Deviantart: An archive of Maqqy’s favorite pieces of art, as well as the comic.

Maqqy’s Tumblr: The title says it all. Maqqy posts weekly, often with WIP artwork. Get sneak peaks of future comics here!

Maqqy’s Twitter: For all the little things.

Other Comics:

- Abnormal Gravity

- Bob and George

- Corner Alley 13

- Dawn of Time

- Doctor Voluptua

- Dueling Analogs

- Edenworld Saga

- Eerie Cuties

- Errant Story

- Flying Koi

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- Girly
- Gunnerkrigg Court

- Infinity Roads

- Kagerou

- Looking for Group

- Magick Chicks

- Menagea 3

- Oglaf

- Order of the Stick

- Pictures for Sad Children

- Questionable Content

- Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

- Sinfest
- Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki

- Spinnerette


- The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

- The Less then Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal

- Three Panel Soul

- U.F.O.

- Uncubed

- VG Cats

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