Yay! And we’re on for Chapter 9! It’s always so odd. I go a month without drawing my characters that much, and suddenly I have to remember what they all look like. This time around, though, I think I’m doing pretty well. Working on getting a printed version of the comic had helped. I’m also trying to add quite a bit more detail nowadays.

As for the printed version, I’ve ordered 20 copies of Chapter 7, and will be taking them to Anime Weekend Atlanta. They’ll be sold for $5 a pop, but since I love you readers, I’m gonna make you all a deal. If you order them now, I’ll gladly sketch something into each comic for free, and ship them at no extra cost to you. This way you can have you’re very own copy AND original art to boot~

Just leave a message here if you’re interested in a copy. Have a great week and I’ll see you all again on Tuesday!