Oh, I’ve been waiting to do this page for AGES. NO MORE CAST!!

…Now watch, I’ll forget, and put the cast back ON. Just watch, I’ll screw up and do it.

This is also my first attempt at doing a 2-page spread. So if it views funny, I’m sorry. I’m still getting used to the rigidity of Comic Press. I’ll have to tweak it after I get home from Acen next week.

In other news, I will be on my way to Acen as you read this (or already there, depending on the time). If you happen to be in the Chicago area, stop on by the Artist Alley! I’ll have some free Maq #041 character bookmarks to hand out, as well as a TON of discounted art. I’m trying to get rid of all my regular stock, so I can focus mostly on my own artwork for now. Hopefully by next year, the comics will be in tree format, so you’ll be able to buy a copy. But right now, I have my hands full just trying to work on Chapter 8. Anyways, hope to see y’all there!!