A little fun fact: Peppy and Bender are the names of the two cars I have owned. Peppy, my aqua Saturn SC, met with an unfortunate end way back in October of 2003. While it didn’t get crushed under a heavy I-Beam, it’s entire front end was totaled in a wreck.

The creepy part is this. I hit the other car hard enough that the airbags should have deployed. Given how short-legged I am, I have to move my seat up pretty far. In that car, my chest was less then 6 inches from the steering wheel. Had the airbags gone off, there’s a good chance my ribcage would have been crushed. I’ve always wondered why they never went off. The romantic side of me tells me that Peppy was doing everything he could to protect me, since I walked away from the wreck without a scratch on me. As such, I thought it’d be a nice way to honor him by making his character in the comic do much the same thing.