I love drawing young Maqqy. She’s so adorable. Also, I refuse to draw people exactly the same if the time frame is several years in the past. People dress different and change their hair on a regular basis. I always despised that in other series where the child versions of older characters have the exact same hairstyle or their parents are wearing the same clothes. I know that’s to make them more identifiable, but seriously!

In other news, I’ve been playing around with my personal DeviantArt account, trying to move all my comics onto their own account to free up my main account. However, as usual, DevArt is not behaving well. Hopefully I’ll get that all up and running soon, so you’ll have a second place to check for comic updates that you might have missed (since I’m doing work on the site to get us off WordPRess). I won’t make anymore changes to the site until the DevArt page is up and running though. You’ve all waited too long for updates; I’m not gonna make you wait any more.

Anyways, here’s another page for y’all. It feels good getting back into an art schedule. With luck, I’ll be opening commissions here soon.