An update every two years. I think that’s a new record for me.

I apologize for the long wait. Life has been an uphill battle since the divorce. My art has slowly been coming back to me in parts, but working on comics is a much larger investment of time and effort. Working long hours five days a week has eaten most of my free time as well. Today, after being sick for several days, I finally decided to go ahead and try giving 041 another chance at life. I don’t know how often I’ll update (especially since WordPress is a pain to update with), but I’ll try and work hard to at least get to the end of Chapter 20. This was supposed to be the end to this arch anyways. Whether or not I continue with the story past there is a bridge I’ll cross when I come to it.

Thank you everyone who has waited so patiently and given me encouragement over the years. It means the world to me. I’m in a better place now, and my life is slowly coming back from the brink. I’ve made some major life choices recently that threw me for a loop, but things are finally settling down. I’m also going to try and consolidate my hours at work so I’m not working so many days, which will hopefully give me more time to work on art again.

I haven’t given up on my other comic ideas, either. Demon Rose, from the poll way back when, is still a work in progress and I’ve begun scripting and sketching pages. I have no idea when it’ll debut, but I won’t start posting until I have a healthy backlog of pages (I’ve learned my lesson there). In the mean time, I hope you enjoy Chapter 20. It has, after all, been a long time coming.