A year. An entire year without updates. And here, today, we celebrate the 11th birthday of Maq #041. I’m so sorry for the long wait.

Digging myself out of this depression has been difficult. In all aspects of my life, I recovered and moved on. Except when it came to my art. What used to take me a few days was now taking months. Needless to say, the comic was shunted to the side; I hadn’t even touched anything to do with it since last September until this weekend. Without warning, I suddenly got the urge to start working again.

The outline for this page has been sitting untouched in a folder for almost two years (hence why the artwork looks similar to those posted last year). There’s only one more page to go to the end of the current chapter (also already drawn and ready to go), and I’d really like to get that scanned, colored, and posted before too long has passed.

I will warn y’all though: I’m moving on the 16th. I’m finally getting my own place. No more living with my parents! So there may be a slight period of silence from me, but I promise you, it will NOT be another year of waiting. I’m done slogging through the mud with this comic. At the very least, I want to finish out Chapter 20. It’ll wind the comic down to a stopping point, even though that was never intended to be ‘the end’. Once there, I’ll sit down and plot out where the rest of the comic was going to go and see how many more chapters are left.

So here’s hoping that the rest of Chapter 19 and 20 will go up without a hitch! If you want to support me, I’ve started livestreaming again, and could use the company and encouragement. Tonight’s comic is dedicated to Atma and Elephande, for helping bring it out of me. Thank them when you get the chance!