Sorry it’s just a sketch. Since I work 12-6 on Sundays, and often don’t get home for work right away, I’m basically waking up, going to work, booked solid all day, then come home and crash. Normally, I’d just stay up and do the comic at night, but since I also work Mondays now, I have to get to bed at a reasonable hour. Also, Monday’s are the days I do Fantastibad (which this week I’ll be doing those again), so I can’t just do 041 then. I’ll eventually get a schedule figured out, but for now, things are a mess.

Thanks for putting up with it guys.

Also, since the holiday season is fast approaching, I’m working on my Christmas postcard now. I want to mail them out the first week of December, which means getting it done before the end of November. If anyone is interested in getting a card, please send me an e-mail with the address you’d like it sent to.