Okay, so a couple things that’re news worthy:

1) – I’m sure you’ve all noticed the change of the comic’s look. This was not my idea. Yesterday, I went to upload the completed page, and saw there was an update for the Comic Press theme I use for WordPress. Long story short, it borked, and I had to fix it. Hence, why today’s page is unfinished. I’m still working on the website and getting it up and running smoothly. If you encounter any errors or bugs, please let me know. Also, lemme know what you like/hate about the new look, so I can change accordingly (since I have NO clue what to do, since I didn’t back-up my old layout and have to start from scratch).

2) – I know a lot of you have noticed the increase in my stress lately. Well, it’s all come to a boil. My husband decided to disappear off the grid for most of the weekend, leaving me worried sick about where he was and when he’d be home. Apparently he did some soul searching, and decided we needed to call it quits. I’d be lying if I said I was shocked, since things have been fairly unpleasant all summer, but it does hurt still. We’re both hurting, and we’re going to go through more rough patches before it’s all done. So please be patient if I miss updates; odds are I’m distracted with packing or trying to salvage our marriage (whichever road we decide to go down). Also, please don’t start hating on Joe. This is a mutual breaking; we’re both guilty of a lot of things. And while his actions this weekend really hurt, I know I’ve done things to him in the past that have most likely hurt him as badly.

So that’s what’s up lately. If we do end up splitting, I’ll probably need a week or two break to pack, move, and resettle. I’ll try to give you as much forewarning as I can, and post filler when I’m able. Thanks for sticking with me guys.