Sorry again for just the outline. I was up until 2am getting the page ready, and I had to be up by 7 this morning. I’ve been working on it since I woke up, but we have people coming and going from the house constantly (they’re replacing our cabinets, and will be working on it all week). I’m exhausted, and there’s a lull in the work right now, so I need a nap. The page is almost done shading, but I can’t even see straight now, so I’ll finish it when I wake up. Sorry @_@

As for Briar, she’s based off this girl I knew from High School. I never found out what condition it was, but she was born without any body hair, and couldn’t grow any. As such, she painted on her eyebrows every morning and wore wigs. I wanted to approach this with Briar earlier, but never had the chance until now. Naturally, with all the work their doing, she wouldn’t want her sparkly wig to get paint/debris on it.