Edit: Got it done with 6 minutes to spare! WHOO!!

I’m working on the comic page, I promise! However, had a sudden party at my place today, so I was late getting to work ^^; Apparently, our friends all wanted to come over to cheer up poor Joe. He hasn’t been the same guy for awhile.

For those wondering about what’s been going on, Joe’s been having problems with sudden fatigue for awhile now. The doctors kept telling him he was fine, because all his blood work was good. Finally, a doctor gives him a CAT scan, and they discover that his left kidney is twice it’s normal size, due to a pinching in the tube (Ureter) that goes from the kidney to the bladder. The kidney still works, but it’s swollen and backing up. Now he’s signed up to get a surgery on the 4th to have the pinched part of the tube taken out. Hopefully after that, he’ll be back to his usual bouncy self.

The reason I bring this up is because updates may be a little shaky until he recovers. He’s so tired all the time and he’s not allowed to do much of anything, so much of the house workload has fallen to me. Once the surgery is done, he’ll be on 2 weeks of bed rest, so even MORE work will fall to me, as he wont be able to do anything. I’m sorry in advance, and I will try my hardest to keep up with everything.