So I was looking over Chapter 7. That was my first real attempt at drawing cars on a regular basis. However, free-handing them while looking at a reference picture just didn’t cut it. I wanted a little more realism. I knew I wanted Mandy to drive a very expensive SUV, and chose an Escalade. And I found an image I liked. Rather then just doing a photo manipulation, I wanted to trace certain parts of it to try and give it a more realistic effect.

4 hours later, and an overly-realistic car was my result. Yes, it looks great. But DANG does it not fit in with the rest of the comic art. Ah well. The people who watched me slave over this monstrosity on the stream gave me some really great ideas for what to do with that image later (cuz after 4 hours of hard work, you can be SURE I’ll use that image again).