The heroine of the story, Maquellan is your average ordinary girl, who happens to wear Japanese school girl uniforms to her public school. …Okay, so maybe she’s not so normal. Maqqy’s whole life is turned upside-down when her mother disappears and she is taken in by a mysterious scientist who promises to reveal the truth behind her mother’s past.


Maqqy’s best friend, who will only answer to the name ‘Mole’. Mole and Maqqy have been friends since elementary school, and share similar interests. Mole is into collecting stuffed toys, collectibles, etc of her three favorite animals: Moles, Badgers, and Skunks, hence the nickname. She has a very erratic personality, and is often a handful for Maqqy.


Responsible for saving Maqqy from getting run over, Xion later gets on her bad side by calling her a cow. Struggling to create a friendship with her since she moved in, Xion has taken on the task of watching over and protecting Maqqy from any danger. Kind, gentle, and a closet anime-geek, Xion is the more responsible of the two brothers.


The victim of Maqqy’s wrath repeatedly, Brice is the wilder of the two brothers. He tends to make up life as it comes at him, not planning ahead. A bit unstable, he tends to be the one who get’s injured. Also has a strange fear of sweets.

Dr. Fred Quentin

Part of a three-person team bent on taking over the world with the genetically enhanced female army, Quentin escaped with their most powerful experiment and set up shop elsewhere. Now, however, he’s taken Maqqy in. Not much is known about his goals or who’s side he’s really on.

The M.A.Q. #’s

#033 – Maquestan

Maquellan’s mother, also know later on as “33”, is a very reclusive and silent person. Though she lives in a fairly nice 2-story house in a good city, she doesn’t appear to have any source of income, and she seldom leaves the house. She has no friends, and has never mentioned any relatives of any sort. However, she has a wry sense of humor to counteract her almost continual sad expression.

Power: Time manipulation

#013 – Selena

The first of the mysterious enemies to show up, 13 could be considered the expressionless killer. She’ll speak to you then stab you without ever twitching an eyebrow. 13 was ordered to go out and “take care” of Maqqy, but wound up getting beaten by her. Now 13 serves Dr. Quentin, serving as a body-guard to Maqqy.

Power: Healing from even the most critical injuries.


Showing up suddenly on the rooftop of Maqqy’s home one night, #009 is identified as #013’s mother. Having been outside the base when it had been frozen in time, #009 has spent the last 30 years in peace. But with Maqqy now on the loose, she wants it understood she doesn’t want dragged back into the whole mess.

Power: Unknown.


At first glance, appears to be an innocent young teen. But #28 has one of the most twisted personalities most people have seen. She delights in hurting her victims before finishing them; and the more they run, the harder she laughs. She also tends to speak to what most people consider inanimate objects, and will blow up if told they’re not really speaking back to her. Her two favorite buddies are a Mazda Protege’ named “Bender, and a Saturn SC named “Peppy”.

Power: The ability to control mechanical objects.


One of the few non-fighting M.A.Q. numbers, 19 is a hacker. Way back when, computers were scarce and she had to do so much by hand. In modern times, 19 is overjoyed with how much easier her job has become. She says she serves the Organization willingly; that she has a reason to stay with them. But as to what that reason is, she’s wont tell.

Power: Unknown (Possibly increased mechanical aptitude).


One of many clones of an average girl, #022 was experimented on by Dr. Aino extensively, ultimately loosing both her arms and her legs. Afterwards, she was fitting with special ‘caps’ that hooked directly to her nervous system. Through them, she can remotely control numerous robotic hands and other implements. She feels nothing but contempt for others, especially those who view her with pity.

Power: None, all powers from mechanical attachments. (Possibly increased mechanical aptitude).


Taken to the organization with her cousin, #025 went almost blind when her power emerged. Though she can still see, she usually keeps her eyes covered to keep her powers in check. As such, she has learned to navigate completely blind and prefers it to using her own eyes. Her cousin, once her closest friend, did not develop any powers, and grew to resent #025.

Power: Ability to control others through eye contact.


A matronly person, #036 takes it upon herself to look after all the other girls, including those who have yet to earn a number. Not a fighter, #036 tends to take a back-seat until she’s needed.

Power: Unknown.

Other Characters

Dr. Brad Mathews

Considered a genius in his field, he left college in the company of Dr. Aino and Dr. Fred Quentin to start their own research group. Somewhere along the way, he discovered a way to bring out and sometimes implant super powers in their women subjects. However, before he could move forward with his plans, he was frozen in time for 30 years by #033. Now that he’s free, he’s charging forward once more, and has set his eyes on Maqqy.

Dr. Aino

A surgeon by trade, not much is known about Dr. Aino and her reasons for joining the mad scientist group. She’s got a sharp temper, and delights in other people’s mistakes.

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