So I’ve been working on getting the next page ready, since I know it’s LONG overdue. I started coloring it in today, and at one point, I decided to check on the WordPress site. It asked me to update to the latest WordPress. So I did.

And then all the comic files went missing.

Everything else is in place, but for whatever reason, all the comic files are gone, so none of the images will display. Given that this is just the latest in bullshit I’ve had to deal with this site, I’m about to throw my hands up in disgust, delete the site, and leave a Deviant Art redirect, since my comic is also posted over there and I don’t have to put up with this shit.

Odds are, I’ll spend the next week or so slowly re-uploading everything. I just really felt the need to bitch right now. Sorry for all the trouble. We’ll see what happens.

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